What Kind Of Fence Should I Get For My Dog

So, you are wondering what type of fence to get for your precious pup. Well, then there are a few things you need to know. For example, what type of dog do you have? Knowing your dog is a great way to get a perfect fence for them because then you know the different characteristics that they have which can help you choose the perfect fence.

Our dogs are very important to us and that is why it is so important to choose a fence that is going to keep doggy safe but at the same time, you want something nice for your property. Well, we are going to go over a few different topics that might help you narrow down what type of fence to get for your precious dog!

Never Get These Fences For Your Dog

Now, there are two types of fences that I will talk about right now and you should never get these for your dog. One is an invisible fence and the other is a chain-link one. Maybe you’ve seen the invisible one in some movies and it’s common to see chain link fences in movies too. The thing is, both of these fences are dangerous for your dog!

Chain-link fences are made from wire and this wire can hurt your dog if they ever try to bite it or dig under it or if one of the wires get a little loose. If you love your pup, you don’t want to put them in a fence that could potentially hurt them. Not only that but get this; chain-link fences also lower the value of your home. So, not only are you putting your beloved dog in potential trouble, but you are also lowering the overall value of your home!

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Dog Behind Chain Link Fence Installation

An invisible fence is terrible for your dog because they can’t see it. Every time they accidentally bump into it or if they try to run after something they see, the fence will send a shock to your pup that they don’t deserve! This is truly like animal cruelty and even though the dog may eventually understand the fence, they might suffer from some type of fear because of it.

The Height Of The Fence

This matters if your dog likes to jump. In fact, it matters even if your dog doesn’t like to jump. The height of the fence is important because it will assure that your lovely pup can’t just jump up and away. I know you don’t want that to happen and that is why it is so important to make sure that your fence is a perfect size so that they can’t jump over. A good solid height is six feet and that is usually about as high as the HOA will allow. So, if you live under the constant pressure of the HOA, you can still get a good height fence for your dog.

If your dog can jump higher than a six-foot fence… I definitely don’t want to visit you. Also, you are going to need a huge fence. Anyway, you also need to have a tall fence for the stubby-legged dogs because next thing you know they’re gone. You might think four feet is big enough, then they hop onto the trash can and boom; they’re gone. Make sure you know how high your dog can jump and don’t underestimate their ability. Remember, your dog isn’t leaving because they don’t love you, it’s just because they want some more adventure in their lives.

You Need To Know Your Dog

Some dogs are more social than others. This means that if they see another dog, a person, or even a squirrel, they might just lose their minds and bark enough to wake up the world. Or at least, it seems that way, right?

Well, if your dog is the type that likes to wake everyone up to let them know that he saw something, consider investing in a privacy fence. These fences are great for keeping your dogs line of sight… well, non-existent. This could be a good thing. Keyword, could. Some dogs are worse. Some dogs go crazy when they can’t see anything and every sound sets them off like a time bomb. Well, if that’s the case, maybe consider getting a semi-privacy fence. This will allow your pup to have a bit of a view of what is going on while still keeping the privacy of your home!

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