Why Vinyl Fences Are Better Than Wood Fences

Ah, my favorite question. Why vinyl fences are better than wood one. Well, for one, let it be known that I prefer vinyl to wood anyway. So, now that you know that perhaps you know which one is better to get.

Even if you know that though, you don’t know that it’s true. I mean, who am I to you? Probably nobody. So, what are we going to do? We are going to write an whole almost eight hundred word article about why vinyl is and will always be better than wood.


Okay. So look, I’m not bashing wood. In fact, wood can be pretty great! A wood fence has many great qualities and we are going to go over those because it wouldn’t be fair if I just sat here bashing wood and then praising vinyl, right? Okay. So wood is great because it is cheap. I mean like you can get a cup of dirt and a piece of wood for the same price; nothing. Now of course, when you get that wood made into a fence it is more expensive, but I mean really, not that much. In fact, I think that wood is the cheapest fencing material that you can get. So, that’s a plus because if you really need to get a fence up but you just don’t have the money for an expensive one, wood would be your go to.

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Wood is also great because you can paint it any color you want as long as the HOA is okay with it. If you have no HOA, then you can literally have a blast. I mean, no other fence really gives you that free ability to have it any color that you want. If that isn’t a reason to get a wood fence, what is?

However, despite all of these wonders, wood fences are a bit of a hassle. For example, if you want to paint the fence, then you are going to need to do a lot of preparation first. Sanding and power washing it to name a few. Also, wood fences are the most susceptible to water and if you paint it, with enough rain, your paint will start to chip and your fence will look terrible. At this point you are going to need to sand it, remove the paint, and all types of other procedures to get your fence back to normal.


So vinyl has only two faults that we can think of. The first is that in the winter time, if it gets cold enough, a vinyl fence will take on an ice like quality which will cause it to snap if any heavy blunt pressure hits it. The other fault is that it is susceptible to damage. So if a star baseball or football player comes to your fence and throws a baseball or football with all of their strength at over 100 miles per hour, then your fence could get damaged. Terrible, right?

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Aside from those awful faults, vinyl fences are incredible. They can pretty much do all the same things that wood can do for only a slightly higher cost., Not to mention, vinyl is not at all affected by the rain like wood is. If wood is in the rain for long enough, it can start to rot and get nasty, vinyl doesn’t do that. If you want a privacy fence or any other fence type that wood can do, you can get it by having a vinyl fence. Vinyl fences can also come in a few different colors. They may be slightly more expensive than wood, but in the long run that actually isn’t true because with all of the repairs that your wood fence WILL need, your vinyl fence won’t. You don’t have to worry about knotholes, rot, termites, chipped or peeling paint, etc. Vinyl fences are also super easy to clean. As long as you spray them down with a hose every once in a while, it should be okay

So, you decide. Which one is better; Vinyl or wood? Hmm, yeah, I thought that too.

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